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Goin' Mobile!

Goin' to The Dogs is a self contained, climate controlled mobile grooming van with electricity and heated water, for grooming in the convenience of your driveway.

‚ÄčMobile Dog Grooming, LLC

   Laura Stewart started her grooming career as a bather/brusher in 1987. She was fascinated by the art of dog grooming and quickly learned how to groom several breeds from other groomers and show handlers.

  After completing the "all-breed" course at the Maryland School of Dog Grooming in 1989, she continued to enjoy styling dogs, always learning new trends and techniques by attending grooming seminars and dog shows.

  While Laura used to actively train and show her own and other's dogs, she has now passed the leash on to her daughter, who is training and showing their three dogs in agility, obedience, rally, and conformation.

  Laura enjoys volunteering with Bexar County 4H, where she utilizes her teaching degree and shares her passion for dogs by teaching children about dog care, training, and showing. Laura is an avid supporter for the Military Working Dog Program and promotes, fosters, or babysits Belgian Malinois whenever possible. She is a member of Alamo Woof and loves getting together with fellow dog enthusiasts. In addition to their three dogs, Laura and her daughter also have five birds, a chinchilla, a snake, a bearded dragon, a tegu, a pony, and a goat.

  She started her mobile grooming business in March, 2011 with Goin' To The Dogs, Mobile Dog Grooming, LLC., San Antonio, Texas.